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JDCC= Perhaps the most odd Round-Robin type of community around.

It all started with Cari (c1) and Dave (d) talking about random things one day about a year and a half ago. Cari mentioned how she wished anime characters could come to our school. Dave said that was a cool idea, provided they could interact with the oddness we ourselves bring along.

Well, it turns out Cari was a writer and Dave a comic writer, so they got to thinking about how they could change other people's characters just enough to fit it in. Cari was a huge fan of the old Toonami block show Gundam Wing. Dave was ok with it, and they fixed it up where everything went ok with the real world.

Now, let's explain some things: These kids are not normal, perhaps with Cari as an exception. You are witnessing the brain child of the kind of creative geniuses who may in fact have gone off the deep end, and in some cases (David...) tied a rock to themselves while wearing SCUBA gear. Just a warning.

Anyway, Dave drew up a short story the next day and showed it to Cari. At this point, it was the characters from GW only. But somewhere along the line Dave got talking with Joe (j) about the story. Joe became the resident plot machine, being on the insanity ranking between Dave and Cari and leaning just slightly over Dave's way. This created a nifty little idea: Why just GW? Neither Joe or Dave were big fans, why not put in a generic show they were fans of?

And then Joe gave her ideas. And Dave, idiot that she is, used them.

And it worked. Hence, JDC got it's name, and we got a story. It became a flood. Dave and Joe were working on storylines left and right, Cari kept with editing the ideas, and somewhere along the line came Charlie (c2). We're not sure what he does, but he is definately a main character.

The sad thing is, Dave and Cari realized something with the first conception: They can't change. They realized for the story to work, they had to react exactly as they would in real life, and the same went for all of the fake characters. Oddly enough, even with the tweekings preformed (I.E., Trowa does not speak in the Spanish version of Genma Saotome's signs), it really did work. Which left a problem. These were real people. JDCC were all really there. And the world they lived in was real too. The only thing not real, in fact, was anything that came from fiction.

Ironically, after about five months of the original JDCC working up, Dave and Joe had a random conversation themselves. Dave joked that they, Joe and Dave, should go as class people from Final Fantasy IV-era RPGs. Dave joked that she would be a bumbling lazy theif class. Joe claimed the heroic mercenary. And suddenly, they were assigning classes to everyone they knew. A bit more originality went into this one, such as Dave deciding out of the blue that they needed a gay character here (Quatre Rabeba-Winner was the one from the other JDCC arc), and as such turned herself into one. There's also a main character (Evan, Cari's little brother in real life) who is a troll and perhaps the most main character of the story after Joe even though Evan isn't even mentioned in the other JDCC. This arc belong to Joe, he just let Dave write it. And as such, a new level of JDCC came about.

Welcome to JDCC. An Round-Robin novelization of our lives, sans sanity. 2 even.
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